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Fair FX - Euro card

Company description

FairFX euro card is free when loaded with £500 or more, otherwise a £9,95 fee applies. Chip and PIN protected and currenct exchange rates are very competitive.

FairFX has been established to give co€nsumers, the ability to get a fair foreign exchange transaction, saving you up between 5% to 8% when compared to Airport and high street bureau operators.

Card details

Card issuer
Newcastle Building Society
Merchant network
Chip and PIN
Loading currency
Euro - EUR

Card fees

Main card purchase
£9.95 for initial loads under £500.00
Card replacement
Account closure
£10.00 cash out flat fee and exchange at the prevaling buy rate. Customers must have more than €10.00

ATM cash withdrawal
€1.50 per ATM withdrawal in the UK and overseas

Transaction limits

Minimum load amount
Maximum load amount

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