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The Post Office promotes better online exchange rates when a customer increases

the amount to be exchanged. The policy is to provide a competitive exchange rate

that improves according to the amount of money you spend.


You are able to see on the Post Office Currency Calculator the difference between

the exchange rates when you change the values of what you intend to convert into

another currency. The online rates are different from the branches rates.


The minimum value to place an order online is £400 and the maximum is £2,500.

You can also order more than one currency either in notes or traveller cheques. Even

more, you are able to combine both as long as you do not exceed the maximum

amount that is permitted.


It is also possible to place an order up to five days in advance. However, once

an order is submitted, it cannot be changed. If you do this, it will be taken as a

cancellation. There is a £20 fee per order when a cancellation is made and it can be

just done if the parcel has not been dispatched.


The delivery is fully insured and it will be post to you by Royal Mail Insured Special

Guaranteed Next Day Deliver. A signature is required at the time is received by the



If your order is placed before 3pm on working day, the delivery will arrive next day.

Your travel money will be delivered to the address registered on the debit or credit

card used to pay the order. A delivery service on Saturdays is available.


The post office also gives the option to be collected to your nearest branch. In

addition, they have a service called on-demand branch that allows customers to

collect their travel money right away from the counter.

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About Post Office

The Post Office is the retail post office company in the United Kingdom with more

than 176,000 employees. Its business has extended to many areas including banking,

travel money and insurances


You are able to buy your travel money either online or any post office branch. The

post office has approximately 14,376 branches. 1,700 are full on-demand branches

in which customers can exchange any currency, 2,500 branches have stock US

Dollars and Euros and 3,900 have stock Euros only.


There is not a minimum value when buying currencies personally on a branch.

Customers can purchase travel money paying by cash or any Visa or Mastercard

credit card.


purchase travel money paying by cash or any Visa or Mastercard

credit card.

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